Current Season:

G2E Ep 015: Gilad Hekselman, Place Like No Home (10/15/15)

G2E Ep 014: A Conversation With Chris “Critter” Eldridge (10/8/15)

G2E EP 013: Woodshed! (9/24/15)


G2E Short Take: Ralph Towner (9/17/15)

G2E Ep 012: Down the Leo Kottke Rabbit Hole (Part 1) (9/10/15)

G2E Ep 011: A Conversation with Marcin Dylla (9/3/15)

Summer “Short Takes” (July-August, 2015)

G2E Short Take: Ry Cooder (7/16/15)

G2E Short Take: Baden Powell (7/23/15)

G2E Short Take: Robert Fripp (7/30/15)

G2E Short Take: Elizabeth Cotten (8/6/15)

G2E Short Take: Martin Taylor (8/15/15)

G2E Short Take: Richard Thompson (8/20/15)

Season 1: Guitar Heroes (May-July, 2015) 

We begin our journey with an examination of the music and lives of 10 great masters of the guitar. These artists made a huge impact on the way we look at the instrument and, in many cases, created a small industry of like-minded practitioners in their wake. This isn’t a “best of” list, but it’s a good start.

G2E Ep. 001: Joe Pass (5/7/15)

The Gentle Giant of Jazz Guitar

G2E Ep. 002: Paca de Lucia (5/14/15)

Neuvo Flamenco Superman

G2E Ep. 003: Frank Zappa (5/21/15)

Composer, Bandleader, All-Around Wild Man

G2E Ep. 004: Michael Hedges (5/28/15)

Composer and Percussive Fingerstyle Innovator

G2E Ep. 005: Andres Segovia (6/04/15)

Defining Classical Guitarist of the 20th Century

G2E Ep. 006: Jimi Hendrix (6/11/15)

Patron Saint of Guitar Heros

G2E Ep. 007: Robert Johnson (6/18/15)

Bluesman of Legend

G2E Ep. 008:  Chet Atkins (6/25/15)

Mr. Guitar, the Quintessential Country Gentleman

G2E Ep.009: Django Reinhardt (7/2/15)

The King of Gypsy Jazz Guitar

G2E Ep. 010: George Harrison (7/9/15)

‘Nuff said.


  1. Bruce T

    You have the best pod cast Eva!!!!

    1. Matthew Cochran (Post author)

      Thanks Bruce!

  2. Billy Lee Myers, Jr.


    What a beautiful, thoughtful podcast you have!

    Your love of guitar, music and the people who play comes through with every show. It doesn’t hurt that you’ve chosen all my favorite artists, so you obviously have impeccable taste. ;o)

    This body of work is a gift to the world of music lovers; I hope you are a roaring success.

    In gratitude,


    PS My only suggestion: did I miss the donation button? This work deserves to be supported!

    1. Matthew Cochran (Post author)

      Wow, thanks for your kind words Billy! There isn’t currently a donation mechanism for G2E, but I’m making some structural changes during the production break and we’ll make that option available 🙂


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